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NovTech offerings for the Cyclone® V System of Chip (SoC) FPGA include evaluation boards, System on Modules (SoMs), design services and product trainings. Off-the-shelf modules (NOVSOM) and boards (NOVPEK) accelerate time to market by using a readily available bootable SOM that allows OEMs to focus their efforts on adding their own intellectual property (IP). The NOVPEK product offers options to monitor each power rail of the SoC, control I/O bank voltages, access all IOMUX/BNAK lines, and implement each dedicated processor function on the platform evaluation kit (NOVPEK).

Off-the-Shelf Offerings

NovTech’s offerings for Intel Cyclone® V FPGAs include two options - a fully featured CV series, and a low-cost CVLite series. Both offerings include evaluation kits and fully configurable SOMs.

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Design Services

Services provided by NovTech include: 

Hardware design services include system level design and architecture definition, PCB design and layout, schematics review and translation, documentation, prototype, production and complete turn-key solutions
Software and firmware design services include BSPs for Linux, Android, Windows, QNX and VxWorks, digital logic design, device drivers, connectivity protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular, power supply design, high-speed memory interface design, and implementing security in hardware and software.
Testing and certification services include functional testing, development of manufacturing test suites and pre-scans for EMI, heat, shock and vibration


NovTech offers a variety of training classes to help FPGA designers quickly build product and software expertise

  • In-depth look at Cyclone V architecture, features and benefits
  • Deep dive on ARM architecture 
  • Implementing security in ARM based processors with Trust Architecture
  • Implementing high-Speed DDR memory interfaces
  • Designing optimal power management solutions for Cyclone V FPGAs
  • Coding with VHDL and Verilog

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