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“I wanted to send you a note and say thanks again for the NXP training session Tuesday. Matt and I enjoyed the presentation, and were impressed with the technical depth for a one day session. We both gained a good amount of knowledge from the training.”

“One of the best seminars I’ve attended.  Presenter knew his material.  The problems he addressed were relevant and non-obvious. Very worthwhile.”

“Yossi did a good job with the presentation, and kept me interested, which is hard to do for a full day.”

“It was an excellent seminar as-is.” 

“It's exactly the kind of session I'd like to see more often.”

“It was excellent. Really worthwhile.”

“Yossi was great and very knowledgeable.   I think the seminar would be perfect for anyone developing with the i.MX6 SoC.  And with his plans to expand it to a several day event, it could evolve into a 'must attend' workshop to those companies either planning to use or currently using the i.MX6 device.”

“Perhaps this was not the goal but the presentation focused on a few aspects of the iMX6 instead of giving a broader overview of chip’s capabilities.  Presenter gave interesting solutions to common eng. Issues.  Overall very knowledgeable on iMX6 and LS.”

“Enjoyed the real world examples & tips/tricks.”

“It was excellent. Really worthwhile.”

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