The GEM PRECARE platform offers NovTech's customers the ability to get out of the box Internet of Things functionality, control, monitoring and automation of their designs, boards and products. In addition, highly sophisticated software tools provide critical analytical capabilities to continuously improve their end product via real-time information. This cloud-enabled process can be performed on a private or public cloud service.


Novtech's customers using the System On Modules (NOVSOM®CVLite, NOVSOM®CV and more) and Platform Evaluation Kits (IoTOctopus, NetLeap, NOVPEK) will be able to quickly and easily deploy GEM's IoT solution, making it possible for them to control, collect and analyze real-time information for any external data source and target. GEM agent going forward will be bundled with Novtech's products


Solution Benefits and Features


  • Superior Connectivity, Access to Valuable Untapped Real-time Data
  • Flexible architecture allows for seamless, fast deployments
  • GEM Agent Connectivity to Any Machine in the Factory
  • Access to Real-time, True Data
  • Machine optimization via edge data processing
  • Closed loop communication with GEM Platform for Monitoring, Control, and Analytics


Industrial Systems Remote Monitoring and Control, smart manufacturing


  • Enabling Quality Control & Increased Productivity
  • Connecting Broad Machine Spectrum: Production floor, Outside Facilities