The IoTOctopusTM serves as a high-end industrial IoT node capable of high accuracy and a high sampling rate of electro-mechanical equipment. With its simultaneous 8-channels, 24-bit, 30 KHz sample rate the IoTOctopusTM can provide connectivity from the electrical grid to the drilling pump and from the hydro-electro turbine to the industrial air conditioner. The IoTOctopusTM converts analog signals to digital data, rearranges data, analyzes data, stores data and can transmit data to gateways/local servers/cloud servers. With dual-core ARM® Cortex A9 and 110K LE FPGA, the IoTOctopusTM processing power can do complex computing and data analysis in real time.


  • Simultaneous 8-Channels 24-bit 30 Khz sampling ADC
  • 1PPS GPS source for multi-nodes sampling synchronization
  • One 1G/100/10 Ethernet PHY connected to HPS (Hard Processor System, dual core Cortex A-9)
  • Two 1G/100/10 Ethernet PHYs connected to FPGA
  • Up to two RF interfaces, 802.11, ZigBee, 802.15.4, 900Mhz-Long Range, Mesh Network
  • RTC (Real Time Clock) with battery backup
  • Embedded Security
  • 30 HPS signals that can be configured as:
    • HPS GPIO
    • FPGA I/O signals
    • CAN BUS x2
    • Additional UART
    • SPI
  • 30 FPGA signals that can be configured as
    • FPGA I/O signals
    • HPS signals
    • One global clock input

Embedded Security

IoTOctopusTM uses Infineon's OPTIGATM Trust P (SLJ 52ACA150A1) to achieve the following system security features:

  • Protected storage of credentials and device configuration information
  • Secure boot of the system
  • Device authentication to the network
  • Secure update of the device firmware and configuration
  • Secure communication channel for data exchange of over the network

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Target Markets

  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Mining


  • Smart Grid
  • Smart City
  • Motor Monitor/Control
  • Engine Monitor/Control
  • Pump Monitor/Control
  • Turbine, Elevator, A/C, Power Generator, Industrial Battery Charging and other electro-mechanical equipment



Design Resources

Kit Contents

  • IoTOctopusTM base board
  • SD card with Linux image and example code
  • UART TTL to USB cable
  • USB drive with manuals, documentation, quick start guide and Virtual Machine
  • Power supply
  • Operational mode usage of crypto function for running the secure application

Pre-Production Ready

The IoTOctopusTM can be taken into production once these steps are completed:

  • Customize Linux to your needs
  • Customize an enclosure for the solution
  • Pass regulatory requirements

NovTech provides services that assist in achieving these tasks.

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The IoTOctopusTM Kit can be ordered from Arrow as NOVPEK_IOTOK at $799.00.
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