High-speed DDR3 memory interfaces are a critical aspect of SoC design as it impacts the overall system performance.  ISSI DDR3 DRAMs are NovTech’s choice for Altera and Freescale kits and SoMs as they are ideal for applications that require long-term support and availability.  These applications span Automotive, Industrial, Medical, and Communication markets.  All NOVSOMs® can be configured with the required DDR3 configurations to meet application requirements.

Design Services and Training for DDR3 Interfaces

Services provided by NovTech include: 

Hardware design services include system level design and memory architecture definition, PCB design and layout, component selection and maximizing memory interface performance

Training curriculum for DDR3 memory interfaces includes throughput calculations, DDR3 structure and commands, software optimization techniques for achieving best throughput, configuring drive strength and timing, and PCB design techniques for minimizing noise and timing skews.