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Today’s SoCs support multi-rail voltages and include in-package LDOs, thus reducing the number of power rails and ease/simplify board level design.  Optimizing system power requires balancing the use of on-chip LDOs with external power components. In addition, power systems that minimize power consumption and noise enhance overall system performance and product reliability. Building power circuits that meet these goals requires deep domain expertise in designing power management solutions and extensive knowledge of on-chip and external power components. NovTech has the needed expertise and experience to build power management solutions for the latest SoC and FPGA based designs.  Offerings include off-the shelf power management modules for Freescale i.MX6 processors, board layout and hardware design services and also training classes on best practices for building power circuitry for multi-rail SoC based designs.

PMIC Module for i.MX6 NOVPEKTM Board

The Analog Devices Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) module will support single to quad core variants of i.MX6. It is compatible with the NOVPEK™ board, supports input voltage of up to 5.5V for USB applications, and has 4 DC/DC regulators and 4 LDOs with a total of 9A capability. It supports the following two modes of operation

  • LDO1 is always ON to support an external 3.3v microcontroller and allows customized start-up sequences for low volume customer use
  • Pin selectable options facilitate powering the i.MX6 domains directly via hardware control without the need for an external microcontroller

Design Services and Training for Power Management

Services provided by NovTech include: 

Hardware design services include system level design and power management architecture definition, PCB design and layout, component selection and monitoring/reducing heat dissipation

Training Curriculum on power management for multi-rail SoCs includes determining system level power budgets, best practices for balancing the use of LDOs and switching regulators, monitoring die heat and methods for reducing power consumption

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