NOVPEKTMCVLite Platform Evaluation Kit

The NOVPEKTMCVLite provides the engineer with an exceptional Out-of-box experience by including all the necessary hardware and software components, demos and development tools including Virtual Machine and Linux Bootable SD card. This allows engineers to explore the capabilities of the Altera® Cyclone V 5CSEBA2 FPGA with ease.


  • FPGA pins accessible via 100mil dual row pin­header
  • Includes Ethernet, full size SD slot,  USBOTG, CAN, PMOD and serial port connections
  • Complete set of development tools for quick and easy set up
    • Virtual Machine (VM) included
    • Linux Bootable SD card included
    • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Operating System
    • Altera Quartus II Web Edition 14.0
    • Altera SoC EDS 14.0
    • Tortoise SVN Repository
    • BuildRoot ver. 2014.08 for managing
    • Linux kernel builds
    • Linux root file system builds
    • U-Boot build
    • Preloader build
  • FPGA Golden Hardware Reference Design (GHRD) included
  • Golden Software Reference Design (Buildroot) provided

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Click here to watch video on "Using the NOVPEK™CVLite Virtual Machine"

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