The NOVPEKTMi.MX 6 Platform Evaluation Kit was developed with close collaboration with NXP to give OEMs a flexible platform to evaluate i.MX6 processors by giving access to all the available I/Os on the device. The platform evaluation kit comes with software to help engineers quickly get started


  • 201 easily accessible IOMUX pins arranged in two 32x3 & one 16x3 100mil pin headers
  • Supports all dedicated i.MX6x peripherals: USBOTG, USB HOST, SATA, LVDS, PCIe, HDMI and MIPI/SDI
  • Advanced Power Management (PM) development support - Add-On card, multiple custom solutions available, multiple voltage settings for each peripheral voltage rail, accurate power consumption analysis framework for all voltage rails on the i.MX6x
  • On-board debug ports: JTAG and 16bit ETM- Bootable with terminal support
  • RS232 and TTL interfaces, only uses two i.MX6x pins
  • All i.MX6x boot options available
  • Simplified firmware/software development through 10/100 Ethernet port - SPI based, doesn’t consume the built-in FEC
  • USBOTG port that can be forced to HOST mode
  • Highly integrated power management solutions - Multiple power-on events, reprogrammable for configurability

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