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The NOVSOM®CVLite provides a quick way to build a board based on an Altera® Cyclone V SoC. It can be customized with specified DDR3 capacity and boot up devices. The use of NOVSOM® provides users with a proven small form factor module, eliminates the need for complete DDR3 memory routing or power solution design, and simplifies baseboard board layout. All users need to do is design a four to six layers boards with the required peripherals, and the Board to Board (B2B) connectors to support the NOVSOM®CV.


  • Cyclone®V SoC 484 BGA (U19) part
  • Dual Cortex-A9 processors @ up to 925MHz
  • Up to 110K LE logic
  • Up to One GByte DDR3
  • Multiple on-board solid state storage/boot options (HPS)
  • On-Board FPGA configuration device (QSPI)
  • On‐board clocks
  • On‐Board power solution requiring a 5V power input
  • All FPGA signals are routed to SODIMM 200 pin, 2V5 type (excluding HPS DDR3)
  • Allows any voltage assignment to each I/O bank (VCCIO, VCCPD, VREF)
  • Supports Linux, VXWorks, QNX OS and many more
  • Production ready
  • Bootable micro SD card slot
  • On board power solutions

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