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NOVSOM®LS1‐B2B System‐On‐Module features NXP LS1 SoC with integrated Dual‐Core ARM® CortexTM‐A7 Processor. It brings to customers all the benefits of the SoC while accelerating the design of an application board and eliminating the need to develop the DDR interface, boot devices, clocks and power management solutions. The use of NOVSOM® will provide users with a proven small form factor SOM allowing them to focus their design efforts on the required peripherals in their application.


  • NXP LS1021 SoC
  • All LS1 peripheral and high speed signals are routed via the SOM connectors to the base board
  • All SoC clocks and additional clocks routed to the SOM connectors for use by base board peripherals 
  • Accommodates all LS1 documented boot options 
  • LS1 system clock can be set to 66.66/80/83.333/100Mhz with spread spectrum support
  • The NOVSOM™ includes a PMIC which sources all SoC, DDR and I/O group voltages
  • Additional PMIC rails are routed via SOM connectors to the base board. 
  • Allows designers to assign any desired voltages (1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V) to any signal groups (LVDD, L1VDD, DVDD, D1VDD, EVDD and BVDD) 
  • Configuration options include
    • Up to 4Gbyte DDR3 with ECC support (ISSI)
    • Up to 8Gbyte SLC NAND FLASH for boot or general Solid State storage
    • Up to 64Mbyte QSPI FLASH for boot or general Solid State storage 
    • Up to 64Gbyte eMMC for boot or general Solid State storage

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