NovTech's offerings include a range of evaluation platforms and System on Modules for NXP's ARM based microprocessors (Layerscape, i.MX7, i.MX6 and i.MX5) and Altera's System on Chip (SoC) FPGA-Cyclone V.

System On Modules

NOVSOM® is NovTech’s branded line of System on Module (SoM). Designers can accelerate their time to market by using a readily available bootable SOM and focus their efforts on product differentiation through peripheral customization. The NOVSOM® includes the SoC chip, DDR, Boot Solution and clocks. It routes all SoC signals to the Board to Board (B2B) connectors. The NOVSOM® retains all SoC functions, options and power rail flexibility.

Platform Evaluation Kits

NOVPEKTM is NovTech’s branded line of Platform Evaluation Kit (PEK). While allowing for the evaluation, verification and testing of the NOVSOM®, the NOVPEKTM provides some unique features making it a development system that designers should have on their bench. From monitoring each power rail of the SoC to controlling IO Bank voltages, from easy access to all IOMUX/BNAK lines to implementation of each dedicated processor function on the PEK.


96Boards is a range of hardware specifications created by Linaro to make the latest ARM-based processors available to developers at a reasonable cost. The specifications are open and define a standard board layout for SoC-agnostic (processor independent) development platforms that can be used by software application, hardware device, kernel and other system software developers.The 96Boards Consumer Edition (CE) specification targets the mobile, embedded and digital home segments.

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