NovTech offers several classes to develop skills and capabilities of embedded hardware and firmware designers. Classes combine lectures with hands-on labs and cover ARM SoC, firmware and driver development, board design, memory interface and power supply design. In addition to the standardized classes listed below, courses can be customized to meet end-customer requirements. 

NXP i.MX and Layerscape Design Workshops

NXP offers several ARM® Cortex®-A based application processors from the i.MX and Layerscape product series. In this training designers will learn how to optimize board design and accelerate product design time through several hands-on exercises. Topics covered include

  • Key differentiators between NXP ARM applications processors.
  • Selecting the optimal device for your application
  • Board and I/O planning through pin muxing and pad settings
  • Boot options and the power on reset process
  • Clocking and clock distribution
  • Power management options and design
  • Tips for maximizing system performance

Training Feedback and Customer Quotes

"One of the best seminars I've attended. Presenter knew his material. The problems he addressed were relevant and non-obvious. Very worthwhile"

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