NovTech offers several classes to develop skills and capabilities of embedded hardware and firmware designers. Classes combine lectures with hands-on labs and cover ARM SoC, firmware and driver development, board design, memory interface and power supply design. In addition to the standardized classes listed below, courses can be customized to meet end-customer requirements. 

Power Management for Multi-Rail SoCs

Today’s SoCs support multi-rail voltages and include in-package LDOs to allow reduction in the number of power rails and ease board level design. Optimizing system power will require balancing the use of on-chip LDOs with external power components.  This course will provide frameworks and best practices for building power efficient systems. Topics covered are

  • Determining system power budget
  • Balancing advantages that LDOs offer with heat dissipation and overall power consumption
  • Die heat monitoring
  • Methods for board level power supplies implementation 
  • Methods for monitoring and reducing die heat during SoC operation via design and dynamically
  • Design methodologies for power sensitive applications

Training Feedback and Customer Quotes

"One of the best seminars I've attended. Presenter knew his material. The problems he addressed were relevant and non-obvious. Very worthwhile"

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